Everything is affected by history and tradition and our new project is not an exception.The name of our first collection recalls the beginning of our story, while the details and characteristics of each piece immediately bring us back to a contemporary vision of high jewelry.

Everything began in 1909, while the two lines that give life to the collection reveal a contemporary and free approach to the ancient goldsmith art. To create 1909 we started with precious stones and materials that we use and that have always fascinated us, looking for new ways of interpreting them; a collection that looks to the future by treasuring a history spanning over a century.

The two lines that characterize 1909 are Open Mind and Connection. The first one tells of a way of being and the desire to have an open and free mind, while Connection is relationship, exchange and interconnection between thoughts, visions and people. On the one hand, an approach to life without prejudice but with curiosity and openness, and on the other, the sharing of values ​​and visions that unite even the most different souls.

Discover 1909, each  piece speaks to you about a simple but captivating  femininity to experience every day.

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