Always considered one of the rarest and most precious stones in the world, the ruby ​​is second only to the diamond.

From the Latin “rebeus”, red, this stone is a variety of corundum, an aluminum oxide mineral characterized by its lively and brilliant red color.

Since ancient times, ruby ​​has been considered one of the favorite precious stones of nobles and sovereigns, especially in India and Asia. This stone is associated with births in the month of July, known in India as "ratnaraj", "King of precious gems" and symbolizes love and passion.

In nature it is possible to find rubies of various shapes, prismatic, bipyramidal or rhombohedral, but it is the luster, the brilliance and the cut that give character to this unique stone. In order to better observe the ruby ​​and discover its nuances, it is recommended to expose the precious gem to white or natural light.

The best known deposits are in Madagascar, China, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Vietnam, but the most precious and sought after are those located in the Mogok valley, in Burma, from which the most precious rubies come from and with a greater intensity. of color.

According to some popular beliefs, the ruby ​​was an amulet able to protect those who owned it from ills and misfortune but also to give longevity.

Today it is a stone symbol of beauty, power and sunshine and its being rare makes it even more special.

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The Emerald

One of the gems that has most characterized the tradition and design of Roberto Callegari's creations is certainly the emerald.

The name of this magnificent stone comes from the greek smaragdos which means “green gem”. In ancient times, all green colored gems were called emeralds and it is only in more modern times, with the progress of analysis, that it was possible to distinguish the various species.

Emerald is part of the beryl mineral family, also known as "the mother of gems" due to its highly prized varieties. It owes its color to chromium, vanadium and iron, the various concentrations of which result in an extraordinary range of greens. According to experts, the most precious emerald shade is the one that combines an intense green with the highest transparency.

"There is really no other stone whose color gives joy and refreshment to the eye like this one, since there is no more intense green than its color".

Plinio il Vecchio - Naturalis Historia

The main fields are found in Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Zimbabwe.

This stone is traditionally linked to prosperity, youth and immortality and is the birthstone of May. The vibrant intensity of its color together with the positive symbolism that characterizes it, have made the emerald a source of inspiration and magical beauty.

Emeralds, like all gems, have numerous internal characteristics. These peculiarities represent the details of their history, as rare as the material from which they derive. Each stone, like every jewel, is a unique creation that comes to life not only thanks to nature, but also through the gem cutter who shaped it, the jeweler who gave it new shape and the setter who made it possible.

A wonderful story hidden in every little detail.

25 February 2022