The Flamingo

The symbol chosen for many years as a witness to our heritage is the flamingo. A meaningful figure that has represented positivity, elegance and love since ancient times. Fundamental values that have always been dear to our family and which we wish to communicate to those around us.

This particular animal, thanks to its dynamism and the peculiarities that distinguish its habitat, migration, nourishment and habits, is often associated with the four elements: water, air, fire and earth. It is present in Egyptian culture as an animal sacred to Ra, the God of the sun. In Hinduism it is the one who knows the worlds of light. Many other cultures have made the flamingo the symbol of balance and harmony. More than a simple figure, an icon that tells the passion and tradition that lies behind Roberto Callegari.

In 2021, with the restyling of our logo, the flamingo has reborn through a simple and refined change characterized by delicate and elegant lines.

The Flamingo. A symbol, our history.

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The Emerald

One of the gems that has most characterized the tradition and design of Roberto Callegari's creations is certainly the emerald.

The name of this magnificent stone comes from the greek smaragdos which means “green gem”. In ancient times, all green colored gems were called emeralds and it is only in more modern times, with the progress of analysis, that it was possible to distinguish the various species.

Emerald is part of the beryl mineral family, also known as "the mother of gems" due to its highly prized varieties. It owes its color to chromium, vanadium and iron, the various concentrations of which result in an extraordinary range of greens. According to experts, the most precious emerald shade is the one that combines an intense green with the highest transparency.

"There is really no other stone whose color gives joy and refreshment to the eye like this one, since there is no more intense green than its color".

Plinio il Vecchio - Naturalis Historia

The main fields are found in Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Zimbabwe.

This stone is traditionally linked to prosperity, youth and immortality and is the birthstone of May. The vibrant intensity of its color together with the positive symbolism that characterizes it, have made the emerald a source of inspiration and magical beauty.

Emeralds, like all gems, have numerous internal characteristics. These peculiarities represent the details of their history, as rare as the material from which they derive. Each stone, like every jewel, is a unique creation that comes to life not only thanks to nature, but also through the gem cutter who shaped it, the jeweler who gave it new shape and the setter who made it possible.

A wonderful story hidden in every little detail.

25 February 2022