laborat├▓rio┬ás. m. [from Lat. medieval laboratorium, der. to laborare “to work”]. 1. Room or building equipped with special devices for experiments and preparations or, in general, for studies, research and technical or scientific experiments.

2 a. Workshop or room attached to a shop or other spaces, where the sales objects are processed, refined or repaired: l. of a jewelry; L. photographic, where the photographic material is uploaded, developed and printed. b. Any room or set of rooms where several people attend the works of art or craft: l. tailoring; L. craftsman; L. cabinet making, etc.


Where each project becomes unique

Our magical place, the creative space where an ancient art such as goldsmithing and the skilled hands of the craftsman give life to unique objects.

We are always looking for new ideas and designs, remaining faithful to tradition according to our love for ancient jewelry.

Like the authenticity and quality that characterize materials and gemstones, the human hands are irreplaceable, but we also entrust technological and innovative solutions.


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