bottéga s. f. [lat. apothēca, from Gr. “Closet, warehouse”].

a. Originally, a place intended to store objects of all kinds; then a local, generally on the ground floor on the public street, where goods are exhibited and sold (haberdasher, baker, hardware store, etc.) or where artisans carry out their activity, often on commission from the customer (b. of cabinetmaker, blacksmith, barber, etc.).


It is generic term, and mostly modest and familiar in front of shop.

b. In the past, up to the Renaissance, even the studio of established artists, who worked assisted by aids and disciples, to whom the execution of the less demanding parts of a work was left. Later the term became sinon. of art school, spec. in the locuz. workshop, referring to a work that is not considered to be the master’s autograph, but performed in his immediate circle.

c. The very activity of those who have a shop, the exercise of a trade, of a profession.

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